V1.3: v0.8.0

  • Use Ruby 2.2+

  • Edit your Gemfile, by changing Hanami version: gem 'hanami', '~> 0.8'.

  • Create a group :development in Gemfile and add gem 'shotgun'

  • Create a group :development, :test in Gemfile and add gem 'dotenv', '~> 2.0'

  • Edit .hanamirc by adding a new key project. The value must be the snake_case name of the project. Eg. project=active_citizens.

  • Edit .env.* files and change env variables from <PROJECT>_DATABASE_URL to DATABASE_URL.

  • Edit lib/<project>.rb and change the adapter -> uri: variable from ENV['<PROJECT>_DATABASE_URL'] to ENV['DATABASE_URL']

  • Change params validation syntax. Learn more at Hanami::Validations README.

  • Change params access syntax to symbols. Eg params['book'] is no longer supported.

  • The returning value of params.errors has changed: now it’s a Hash with key the attribute name and value an array of strings with error messages.

  • In views, layouts and templates use #local instead of #content, which is now deprecated.

  • [Optional] Edit logging settings in apps/web/application.rb.

  • [Optional] Add security.x_content_type_options 'nosniff' to apps/web/application.rb.

  • [Optional] Add security.x_xss_protection '1; mode=block' to apps/web/application.rb.

  • [Optional] Add subresource_integrity :sha256 to assets block in configure :production to apps/web/application.rb.

  • [Optional] Minitest users can disable Rake 11 warnings by adding t.warning = false to the Rake::TestTask.new do |t| block in Rakefile

  • [Optional] RSpec users can disable Rake 11 warnings by adding config.warnings = false to the RSpec.configure |config| block in spec/spec_helper.rb.

If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to look for help in chat.